Element.CopyFromViewToView dropping Elements

Hi All,

The Element.CopyViewToView node from the Rhythm package appears to be not copying the correct number of elements. Has anyone else run into this error? @john_pierson

Any chance some of these are host based elements which need a different method of creation (ie a dimension)?

Good thought @JacobSmall but successfully copies dimensions across already.

I am attempting to trawl the list to see what it has dropped… :thinking:

hmmm… can you post the rvt stripped of everything but that detail view?

Also, why aren’t you just using duplicate view if you want to copy everything?

Comparing element Ids with cross product lacing is likely the best way to do this.

Ha…so simple that I have to face-palm :man_facepalming:. Yet again I am foiled by Revit Groups! It dropped out all the elements that were contained within the group. It copied the Group but not the group elements.

At the time the graph was created I hadn’t tested that View.DuplicateWithDetailing returned the same Element layout for list structure when collecting all elements in the source view. This is important to the workflow. Looks like this is the case, so thanks for the optimization tip :grinning:

Hmm. I’d be curious to see what element types it is dropping. I wonder if they are unsupported.

I’ll run a test case using a view containing an assortment of element types out of mutual curiosity and post an update tmw. :+1:

hi all
i can’t find Element.CopyViewToView Node and i have ʳʰʸᵗʰᵐ package

I removed the node as it was a DYF version. See here, https://github.com/johnpierson/RhythmForDynamo#what-is-with-all-the-removals-of-dyfs

If I find time, I will try to add it back as a C# variant. But I have no ETA on that at this time.


thanks john for your reply i appreciate that :brown_heart:

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