Editing Parameters of Grouped Elements

Hi all,

I currently have a script that will find the data of parameter A of all elements in a selected category then transfer that data to parameter B. The issue i have is that this data is a mix of type & instance based info and contains unique IDs which need to be written to parameter B. Is there a way to get Dynamo to open the model editor to perform these changes?

Ungrouping everything and regrouping isn’t really a quick/easy option, hence the need to try and avoid doing so. I saw some old threads on this idea but nothing that would work for this situation.

Any tips would be great, thanks.

Hey there,

I faced the same issue : it is not possible to edit the group like you describe. You can force it with ElementSetParameter but it will throw an error and it has some limitations. You will find more info on this post : https://thebuildingcoder.typepad.com/blog/2010/08/editing-elements-inside-groups.html

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Depends on the parameter you are trying to writing information in. User created parameters under Type - “Text” can be set to vary between group instances. Similar to the parameter Mark for windows or doors.
That way you can use Dynamo to edit values of the grouped elements without the need to open the group.

The data from parameter A of mix between type and instance needs to be collect differently in dynamo.

Unfortunately these can’t be user created parameters as they are already pre-generated by a plug-in. The collection of info isn’t an issue as that part is working by using an IF statement to toggle where the data is being pulled from based off it being a type based or instance based param. Thank you though

I did look at that but for the most part it mentions having to ungroup then modify then regroup. I may just have to look for a method of filtered out the grouped elements then manually assigned the values to those select few.