Edit Block Attributes on Different Layouts

I’ve a block that has text attributes, inserted on multiple layout tabs. I’ve also a spreadsheet that contains info that is set up to populate each individual block.

I’ve figured out how to populate the block attributes with data from the spreadsheet. What I can’t figure out is how to get the info onto the correct layout tab. I can’t find how to determine which version of the block is on a specific layout, and then populate that block with data that fits with what is shown in the layout. My script right now is at the mercy of an unknown order of layouts/blocks.

Hey Andrew,

You can use these nodes from Camber to get the block references that exist on each layout, and then other info like the layout name and tab order (if it matters). Hopefully from there you can sync everything up with your spreadsheet based on a unique identifier for each block reference.

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Thanks for the nudge. I reordered my list of blocks (SortByKey) based on the TabOrder output, and am now able to keep a master list in excel, it then reorders the layouts and enters the data. Brilliant. Thank you Zach and Dynamo.

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Hej Can you pls share the images of your script,i am also trying to make something but not able to start

How do you select blockrefrence of particular name in Layout.Can you pls provide a hint,I am stck in selecting a particular block refrence in layout

Here’s one way of getting a particular block reference name. This will be a continuation of the above script once the block reference is selected in each layout

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Great.Thank you so much.I will start working on it and let you know soon.Thanks again