Easy Math in Code Blocks Problem

I think it’s great Dynamo offers the flexiblity to do the same thing different ways. In real life I quite like math and am already sold on how important code blocks are to streamlining scripts. Therefore, I find it fustrating when I write a code block exactly like other posts on this forum and get an error. Why are the formula and code blocks failing for a simple equation (of a quadratic surface)? The forumla is returning zero and the codeblock the error: “Warning: Cannot find static method or constructor DSCore.Math.pow() Cannot find static method or constructor DSCore.Math.pow()”


Try Math.Pow

See? Easy? I’ve been through a lot of the dynamo documentation and videos and don’t recall reading code blocks text was case senstitive. I’m sure it’s there but it could be better emphasized for beginners. Thanks.