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I am using the latest release from Dyno, and i am trying to group some buttons in a drop list as explained in the new features, but they did not explain how to group some buttons.

the current text is like this:

“My Tab”:[“Function 1-1”,“Function 1-2”,“Function 2-1”,“Function 2-2”,“Function 2-3”]

i want Function 1 to be a button with a drop list of 1 & 2
and Function 2 to be another button with a drop list of 1,2 & 3
Any help :thinking:

Hi MegaMax!

You need to place “func 1-1” and “func 1-2” in one folder (like “functions 1”) and “func 2-1” and “func 2-2” and “func 2-3” in “functions 2” folder.

So next step is select this folders in buttons.txt like
“My Tab”:[“functions 1”,“functions 2”]

Dear @Aleksey_Lobanov

this did not work for me, my custom ribbon has disappeared.
they already in folders and Dyno are grouping them this way (See next photo)

but i need them to be in drop down list with titles(Folders Name):


and my current button text file is:

and the folders containing the scripts are

any ideas :slight_smile:

Hi @MegaMax84x

I`ve found a tiny bug in the program. Sorry for this.

Try to reinstall Dyno (download installer from the cloud again) and groups with dropdowns should be work as i wrote above.

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Dear @Aleksey_Lobanov,

Thanks for your support, it works fine now (see next photo) :slight_smile:

you should give me a star as i am the first one to report an issue on your last release :wink:

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Hi MegaMax, which installer worked for you ? I am facing the same problem and I installed the latest version, “DynoInstall_0.5.0_for_Dynamo_1.1-1.2 - BUGFIX2.msi”. Still same problem. Thanks

Which fix is fixning this Bug please?

Dear @Nazereh,

you need only to download the latest version of DYNO.
It works fine.

Dear @Aleksey_Lobanov,

Could you please tell us when DYNO Studio will be available !!.

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Is this one not the latest version? DynoInstall_0.5.0_for_Dynamo_1.1-1.2 - BUGFIX2.msi
It is not working on my machine.


please send me your buttons, script and preset files. And explain what result you would see.

My button.txt is in

this is how my button.txt look like:
“test_ribbon”:[“folder1_script1”,“folder1_script2”, “folder1_script3”,“folder2_script1”, “folder2_script2”]
This is how my Revit looks like:

and I need it to be drop down menu like the one MegaMax84x has achieved. Some thing like attached above, yet with my folders and scripts…
What do you mean with preset files??
Thanks, Nazereh

Dear @Nazereh,
You can easily achieve the drip down list by adding just folder name, and not the script name.
The drop down will be created with the folder name containig the scripts ordered alphabetically.

I hope i helped

Hello Everybody,
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