DynaShape - problem with uploading the package to dynamo

Hi Colleagues,

I have some problems with uploading package DynaShape to my Dynamo, version of Dynamo is 2.12
I installed everything accordingly to link from here: DynaShape

But still my package does not want to load unfortunately?

In Package manager it is visible as already installed

Any ideas? Thank you!

What version of DynaShape does package manager show? The extension will flag the package if you’re missing it completely or have a different version installed. It’s likely that you just have a version other than 0.7.30 installed. If you can run the graph and everything works then you don’t necessarily have to worry about the mismatched versions.

In addition:
DynaShape runs at it’s best in Sandbox.

Hi @Nick_Boyts @Marcel_Rijsmus

Thank you for your answers.

It is my first time, when I would love to work with this package. I found one dynamo script in the internet as a reference and want to review it to see how package works. During uploading script I receive notification that the graph is based on DynaShape 0.7.30, which is not installed.

  • According to my package manager the version 0.7.30 is installed.

  • Package is not visible in the add on in my dynamo
  • In addition to that, because of this notification some nodes in the script are marked as an unsolved

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Yes, I tried it already couple of times, the info about that is in main post (also link is included in post). I will try one more time then and try to uninstall all packages!

Also try to install DynaShape and MeshToolkit in Dynamo Sandbox.