DynamoIronPython2.7 Package for Dynamo 3 in Revit 2025

After installing the DynamoIronPython2.7 Package (tried the latest and penultimate version), a simple import traceback currently hangs in Revit 2025 with Dynamo 3. The same applies to some other standard IronPython components that are imported.
Do more people suffer from this?

Solutions are simple. You can add a sys.path. And if possible, you can -try- convert the script to CPython. But previous Dynamo versions did not suffer from this. And this seriously hinders the reuse of old scripts by less experienced users, or when in a hurry. :scream:

Is this something to report on Github because it’s a real bug? (p.s. the latest version of the package is not compatible with the linked version of Revit 2025)
Or are there also smart solutions from the user side?

In any case, I want to avoid having to search through all the big and small scripts for IronPython nodes to make manual adjustments. :exploding_head:


No need to search - and in fact you can swap the IronPython engine for the new one and most code will work fine, and do so in bulk. This thread and the linked file(s) should help there. Updating python node in multiple scripts - #15 by jacob.small

Once upgraded just run the test and save those which don’t finish correctly in the ‘to update’ directory, and those which run without error in the ‘ready for release’ directory. Once testing is done update the failures in the to upgrade folder, saving them in the ‘ready for release’ directory when done. Once the ‘to upgrade’ folder is sufficiently emptied deploy to production and move onto the next task. :slight_smile: