DynamoAutomation package Revit error


I ran the following Dynamoautomation definition, based on Scenario_A1.dyn, from https://github.com/andydandy74/DynamoAutomation/wiki/Scenarios image below:

However when Revit launches a file it gives this error:

I made sure no white spaces are contained and I am running only one version of Dynamo: 0.9.

Has anyone ran into a similar issue before ? what would be the solution in this case ?

Which version of DynamoAutomation?

Looking at your screenshot, you are on one of the 1.x versions of DynamoAutomation - which are not downward compatible.
If you’re planning to use it with Dynamo 0.9 you’ll need to install DynamoAutomation version 0.90.3 instead…

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Thank you Andreas, I am running everything on Dynamo 0.9.1 and DynamoAutomation 0.9.3 and it seems to work fine. Could you please specify which later versions of Dynamo and DynamoAutomation are compatible for this process ?

Thank you so much!

I added an explanation on the DynamoAutomation GitHub site:

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Andreas, Thank you for the great work that you do! Potentially we could be saving days of manual work using DynamoAutomation !!

Maybe a silly question, but does your definition save the changes made to the model before running the next file ?
I am asking this because I am trying to run this .dyn on my directory and it doesn’t change anything after finishing:

Thanks for your support,
Appreciate it!

There are SaveAs and SyncWithCentral nodes in package Clockwork that I use in cases like that. If you need a Save node, you could easily modify the SaveAs node as those commands are quite similar.