Dynamo to run automatically when excel is updated

Hi All,

a few years ago I created a dynamo script in dynamo 1.3 which will run automatically when an excel file is updated. (this file is automatically created/overwritten through a .vba program)

Now I am rebuilding this script in dynamo 2.6, but the script doesn’t run automatically anymore when the excel sheet is being updated.

I have the script running on “Automatic”

Any thoughts on this? Thanks for helping.


Hi @erwin.vandooren,

Is there a difference between those two scripts?

Hello, you can try the periodic run mode

Sorry for replying so late but I figured it out by looking at the old script.

Apperently i forgot to add the “file from path” node between the read excel and the actual filepath

So if you don’t add this one the excel file will not automatically update.

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to clarify what this does is create a file object from that path - the file object is a watcher and watches the location on disk and kicks off new executions when it changes.

If you just use the path - it’s just a string.