Dynamo Sandbox Element Nodes


Since yesterday I use the Dynamo Sandbox because the scripts are sometime really slow.
I was wondered if it is possible to get the “Revit Nodes” back?

Hi @jw.vanasselt …does Sandbox have revit nodes ??


Thanks for you’re reply
Right now I don’t have the “Unresolved” nodes inside my Dynamo. (Sandbox)

I was wondered if this is a setting or just not possible.

Hi…dont think its possible…

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Sandbox only comes with non-integration specific nodes as far as I’m aware. It’s intended as a testing/raw environment for Dynamo itself (running with the Dynamo Core if I’m not mistaken). From what I understand it’s mainly used as a developer/testing environment for integrations like Monocle etc. as well as a way to access latest/WIP version of Dynamo.


Ah, that’s too bad.
Maybe a good suggestion for the next update? :slight_smile:

Sometimes it is not workable in Dynamo Revit and would like to be able to build the same scripts in Sandbox

Thank you both!

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I don’t think speed issues would be solved by putting Dynamo Revit into Dynamo Sandbox (and it isn’t the intended purpose of Sandbox anyway). They’re accessing the same libraries in either case (current/hypothetical) and relying on Revit/ASM to process objects like geometry so that’s where the speed issues come into play.

I’d instead target why the script is slow instead, look for more efficient methods or ways that rely on less geometry which is typically Dynamo Revit’s weak point - for example maybe using element centroids versus geometry, or writing some steps in Python loops.

Think you can model and export to sat file and import to revit or dynamo for revit…

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Thanks for the suggestion!
I don’t know python yet but maybe something for the future!

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10 part crash course if it helps. I made it to act as a ‘launching series’ into Python for Dynamo users.

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Good suggestion!

Thank you for sharing, I will watch!

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It is also a very good platform to practise DesignScript.
All my DesignScript contest are within the sandbox version…

Good Luck Jan Willem


That is really awesome Marcel!
Thank you!

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I didn’t mention the DynaShape package which runs in Sandbox too.

There is also @Andreas_Dieckmann 's Journalysis nodes

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I actually find sandbox is orders of magnitude more stable, and faster to execute graphs. While it is the same ‘base level’ tech under the hood, in-process integrations (ie: Revit, Civil 3D, Advance Steel) are limited by their host applications capacity to drive the main thread. Sandbox and out of process integrations (ie: FormIt, Alias) conversely are more nimble and keeps active when ‘running’ to some extent. This means you can save (or save as) when you accidentally hit run before building an out on a loop, or add more nodes while a long running graph executes.

Much of my Dynamo education efforts are focused around Sandbox for this reason - if you can generate the shape/form/outcome there you can build it quite a ways before executing in Revit / Civil (where the data gathering and recording aspects are usually more straightforward forward).

Also worth noting: You can utilize the Data.Remember node to move data from Dynamo for Revit into Sandbox.


Appreciate that it’s faster, what I mean is that to use Dynamo Revit one would need to be interacting with Revit as well as its libraries, which I expect would effectively just slow it down similarly.