"Dynamo reconciliation" undoing previous script

We are aiming to duplicate two groups of sheets. We are selecting one group from the project > collecting the views on the sheets > duplicating these views > renaming the sheet names / renumbering sheet numbers > creating sheets with new name, number and the duplicated set of views.

The script is successful in first run, but in second run on another package (e.g. Architectural Package 1, then Architectural Package 2) the Dynamo run UNDOES the previous scripts run and the Revit undo button shows “Dynamo element reconciliation”

Sheet names, numbers, and views are unique so why does Dynamo keep returning to these elements? Can we break of this connection

Short solution:
Open new script, run random component (e.g. “Point”)
Open your script and copy all > open blank new script and paste > Run


This gets brought up all the time. It’s normal Dynamo behavior.
You can find more info here and in similar posts.

Utilizing Dynamo Player also resolves this.

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Another work around is to have your dynamo script select all the edited (Springs.SelectInRevit?) elements then manually do a Copy/Paste Aligned. This will break the reconciliation connection, but keep in mind it changes the element ids.

There really should be a option to turn off the reconciliation feature. This gets complained about a lot. From a user standpoint, it is rather confusing that dynamo behaves differently whether it run in player mode or not. It is a lot simpler for a designer to hit undo once after checking their script run rather than drafters having to use work arounds to keep their changes permanent.

There was discussion awhile back about this. But a lot of people hadn’t started dynamo early enough to be in on it.

Not solving in my case. DynamoPlayer stills undos my previewsly placed family instancies.

Check the forum post on Element bindings, and ensure you don’t have any currently saved in your dyn file. If you do, it doesn’t matter how you place stuff it’ll always remove the last placed.