Dynamo & Python not being friendly :-(

Hi all,

The attached image shows what I get when I try to run any node that involves a python node (which is a lot) that referencing the Python Libraries (I think). I installed Dynamo 8.2, so the python install should be fine.

Any help would be appricated. Thanks


Hello Neil Reilly,

Is there any script written for Python, or you get this error just after placing a Python Script node on canvas and running the graph.

Is this error only for 0.8.2 or you are getting the same error for 0.8.1 or 0.8.0 as well.



Thanks the reply <span class=“author-link”><span style=“color: #428bca; font-size: small;”>Ritesh Chandawar</span>,</span>

I am not on the same computer, but I think I know what the issue was… The Revit I was using had not been updated since Sept 2014 and the one I am on now is upto date and working as expected. I was using Dynamo in both cases.

Thanks again.