Dynamo Primer question

In Dynamo Primer there is a download link… the resulting downloaded PDF file the hyperlinks do not seem to work. Do they work for work for you?

Dynamo Primer Index

If you’re talking about this link:

Then yes it opens the pdf version of the primer just fine :slight_smile:

The hyperlinks that are within the PDF after it downloads do not work.
Do they work for you?

Seems to work fine!

All but the last three Appendixes work fine…

It looks like the last three don’t work here… as well as all the ones in the Example Files on page 476 and 477.

Is it possible to get these somehow?

As the hyperlinks simply send you around the document you can scroll to the places you want to go? the content is there… For instance “Index of Nodes” as shown in my previous post:


Usefull packages:


Example files:


Regarding the “.dyn” files I cannot say where to download these can be recreated from the images shown throughout the primer if needed. :slight_smile:

But my guess is that these have been updated to version 2.x and can be found in the 2.x primer:

Just tried a random of the files and it works just fine in 1.3.x so to answer your question, you can access the files by going into the Primer.