Dynamo Pressure Units

I have a graph that I’m pulling space parameters from Revit and exporting to excel. Pretty simple. My pressure values (in. wg) come into Dynamo differently than originally in Revit. Example in Revit it shows 0.08 in. wg. but in Dynamo it shows as 6.06. I’m assuming they are converting to another unit. I checked the project units (they are in. wg.) and the parameter is set as a pressure parameter so I’m not sure why it would change these values.

I know I could simply convert them back to in. wg. mathematically in Dynamo however I want the graph user to be able to chose any parameter to export without figuring out each conversion.

Space Parameters to Excel forum.dyn (18.9 KB)

I’ve also read up on the 0.8 version update that did way with unit conversion but couldn’t find anything that applied. Below are snips of the values, if that helps at all.



This issue has been fixed and will hopefully be available in the next release of Dynamo.

In the mean time, use this node in @T_Pover s MEPover package:


Annnnnddddddd that’s exactly what I need. Thanks @Einar_Raknes!

Hi Einar_Raknes

How could i find this node?

I have the same problem, but with the dimensions of the air ducts. The ducts in Revit are with mm, and at the Excel they are with inches. Could i use this node for my problem?

Thanks in advance

@wuwengineering Go to the package manager and search for MEPover

That will probably solve your problem, if not please start a new topic and attach screenshots and necessary files to illustrate your problem.

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