Dynamo Packages.com down? (05/16)

I’m having trouble updating packages today.

According to IsItDown.com, the site is down for all


I think it’s been down since the release of Dynamo 1.0. Guessing the nodes all need to be checked for 1.0 compatibility and revised before they’re going to be available again.


Just my guess though.

Package Manager is up and functioning now.

I’m still having trouble with this, Both dynamopackages.com and the package search are not working. The search is just saying no results found.



Same here, “Search returned no results”

(Montreal Canada noon)

Are you using online package search online or from dynamopackages.com

The Dynamo Team is working on upgrading the server to make it more stable. Thanks for notifying.

It’s working now. Yesterday it was really slow and spotty, unavailable at times, now it seems to be functioning quite well. (Just takes about 30 seconds to contact the server and to populate.)