Dynamo Office Hours: Getting all Stairry Eyed with Dynamo


Do you love Dynamo? Do you love Stairs? Did you want to mash them up and then push to Revit?

If so, then come join @JacobSmall and myself as we dive into “Getting Stairry Eyed in Dynamo”; an hour long session focused on creating unique geometry in Dynamo (Stairs) to push back into Revit, exploring the search for a starting point, how to logically dissect design intent, how to map this intent to Dynamo and how to bring it all back into Revit. Come rock out with us as we dive deep into all things geometry and stairs :nerd_face: :star_struck: :paintbrush:

Sign up link: Dynamo Office Hours - Getting all Stairry Eyed - Autodesk Community

  • When: Thursday, 26th January 2023, at 1pm EST
  • Where: Zoom Session
  • Who: All of you hopefully!

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Link to Playlist here


You should do a poll for who loves stairs…
Surely no one loves stairs (in Revit)? :laughing:

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Come watch the presentation for (spoiler) @JacobSmall’s also non-love of stairs :rofl:

My distaste for stairs doesn’t stop at BIM.


@solamour @jacob.small @Alien

Great YouTube series, looking forward to check this latest episode.

By the way, stairs are cool, especially when built 100% with Dynamo :wink:. The Dynamo team and community are great so keep up the good work :+1: