Dynamo not connecting to Robot

Hi all,

I’ve just started using Dynamo together with Robot Structural Analysis (RSA). However when I’ve started Robot (either 2016 or 2017) and Dynamo Sandbox 1.2.1. quite often Dynamo will not be able to connect to Robot. Any ideas of what the cause might be?


Got the same issue and also need help.

The problem is somehow solved in my case, after restarting both of them multiple times. Couldn’t figure out what the issue was. It seemed to help to make the Robot program ‘active’ by clicking in the window after starting it before running the Dynamo script. I’m not sure if that was the issue though. Let me know if this helps please.


Wow, thank you. It actually helps if I click RSA first!
I also have a other weird bug.
Dynamo does not connect to RSA if I select a 3D truss as project template. I always have to select the marked template first:

Get similair issues, I’ve found that the connection between Robot (RSA) and Dynamo is rather sensitive to timing, if you have a rather large and complex structure you might get an error running your entire script, if I however freeze all but Sections, Materials and Analytical Bars creation, then unfreeze Loads, Releases and Supports and runs, and finally unfreezes the calculation module it works, but if the entire workflow is enabled at the same time it will fail at the “Calculate” node.