Dynamo mass and revit wall by face

First I made mass from dynamo

Second I want to modify dynamo mass into wall by using wall by face

What should I do?

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There is no Wall By Face option
See if you can instead select/specify the base curve of the wall and use Wall.ByCurveAndHeight or Wall.ByCurveAndLevels


There is a custom node from “Clockwork Package” called “Wall.ByFace”. You can use that node to create wall by face.

I stand corrected, apparently there is a node, just not OOTB :slight_smile:

Would you make sample script using Wall.ByFace. Please :slight_smile:

Sure give me your mass.

It is just a simple mass now

but later, I’m going to make more complicated mass as long as it is possible to modify into wall in dynamo

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Hello everyone, I tried to create my WallByFace and it works, but I can’t understand why I can change the wall type only 1 time. For example, I set to “Generic150” and I see in my Revit document the wright changes, but if I return in Dynamo and re-change to “Generic 300” it doesen’t work, the node give me “Empty List” and the transformed surface remains a “Generic150”, both in automatic and manual run mode. Thanks

Hi @Riccardo_Marchi,

Can you show us screenshot of your work so far. It would be better if you can start a new topic and link this post as a reference link. Thanks :slight_smile:

I simply change Wall Type in the dropdown of the upper grup and you can see WallByFace node give me Empty List

WALL BY FACE not working in complex geometries … ???
what I have to do to in this case?

Can you Upload the mass so we can examine it in detail?

Mass Group and IFC file

Hi this is the behaviour I’ve noticed when the surface is cut. The wall is created following the original uncut surface.
So far I haven’t found a direct solution.
Workarounds I’ve used are rebuilding the surface without cuts and cutting the wall once created with a void family. Or using an in-place wall.
I hope this will be resolved in future versions of revit.

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hey guys im new here for dynamo if i have created a mass in fusion and then imported it revit by dynamo im facing some problems when i try to create wall by mass. what should be done in this situation

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Good afternoon.
The node only works on a mass surface … on columns - does it work on any surface?

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Buenas tardes.
El nodo solo funciona en una superficie de massa …¿sobre columnas - funcione sobre cualquier superficie?

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Hi with all ,
Is there a way to create (wall by face) from columns or walls?

or in any case, is there a way to convert objects into masses so that it works, what I want to do is take elements and get finished walls?