Dynamo library/packages on BIM 360

Hi all,

I was trying to set as Dynamo package path a folder located on BIM 360.
This is easy to do thanks to the Desktop Connector which creates a drive on your local pc.
However, it seems to not work properly and when I open Dynamo, the various packages don’t show up as usual (except for built-in ones).

Do you have any experience on that?
Did you try or do you know if there are any chances to set this path?

Thank you in advance for your collaboration,

Best regards

Desktop connector doesn’t support DLLs, DYNs, or DYFs; as such a “live” open of a DYN might work but the pathing to packages will typically fail. This is something which I have discussed with that team and there were several security concerns at that time - I do not believe this will be supported in the near term as a result, but an ideas station posting explaining why this would be helpful and transformative for your business would help.