Dynamo is being incredibly slow

Dynamo takes incredible amounts of time to run scripts.
Earlier today i was running a script that failed on the 3rd node after i had put the wrong sheet name into Data.ImportExcel, it took 35 minutes and maxed out my memory (32gb).

My PC has good specs (intel I7) and should handle this easily.

I have at least 15 packages installed, might these make it slower?

Might be an element binding issue if the graph writes stuff to Revit. This post has some good info, and I happen to know there is some good content coming on this at AU this year: Element Binding in Revit.

Beyond that I would need to see the graph to know why, but the ‘slow when the 3rd node and every other node on canvas errors our is kind of a smoking gun.


This might be interesting to you.

The problem that caused dynamo to be slow and crash was that the file i put in was a CSV i saved into an .xlsx format. The CSV was an output of a C# tool.

I used the Import.Excel OOTB node.

To fix it, i copied the data from the CSV and pasted it into a new Excel file i had opened as an .xlsx. This then ran find in dynamo…

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was the other file slow in base excel as well? Was it an xlsx or an xls file?

it was an xlsx file. The file i opened as a new .xlsx file ran quick - 5-10 mins compared to 3-4 hours with the one that was originally a CSV.

Wonder if reading the csv directly would be even faster (one less application to launch)…