Dynamo hosted from Navisworks

Is there any chance we can have Dynamo working in Navisowrks like is working in Civil 3D, Advance Steel and Revit?
I know for sure that Dynamo Core can be hosted in other applications and probably is not that complicated to have it within Navis too. It will make a lot easier the setup process and many other repetitive tasks (create timeliner tasks, etc.).
The biggest issue is that is not really user friendly to communicate with the Navisworks’ COM Api and it will be a plus to be able to write our custom nodes addressing the .NET APIs.

this has been going around for a bit, try this link, it has another link to install a dynamo launcher in navisworks 2016.

It is not a dynamo launcher…it is a Python wrapper for Navisworks.
This is not what I’m lookin for.
Thanks for the answer

FYI @solamour