Access the Navisworks API directly from Dynamo/python?

How does one access the Navisworks API from within a python node in Dynamo?

have you looked into the DynaWorks packages?

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I figured it out - I must have been misspelling something before:

On a somewhat related note, if you’d like to use python syntax directly inside of Navisworks, you could try the below plugin:

Thx Pierre! I am also looking for this.

But I got a error using the reference you provided above, which dynamo seems cannot identify Autodesk.Naviswokrs.Api on my computer.

Do I need to install Navisworks SDK/ put any .dll file into some directory? Please help. Thank you.

Hi Tllai, where you able to import the Navis API?

Hi Dimitar,
Do we have NavisPythonShell for Navisworks 2018 version
I have tried to install the 2016 and 2018 version of Pythonshell but if not work on NW 2018