Dynamo Geometry Rotate Node

Hello all,

I have some elements that I need to place in the project with a specific angle 1. As in the project I have also an angle 2 (project base point), I make the calculation Angle 1 - Angle 2 . So I want to use each result in the node degree. How can I do it? I get the following error…see image.

Thank you in advance!

What kind of Geometry input do you have there?

That is because of type error. You should use String.toNumber node and transform the string values to number.
If you have archi-lab installed you can use “ToDouble” Node. Or you can use a Python node and change the type of element in the list.

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Could you provide me an example of it? thanks!



Here is a basic code:

liste_strings= IN[0]
for element in liste_strings:
OUT= z