Dynamo forgets ZeroTouch Libraries

Hey Guys

I have developed some zerotouch libraries that are working quite well in Dynamo 0.7.1

The one issue is I can’t seem to save them anywhere that Dynamo will remember that I loaded them up.

Is there a default location I am missing? I am hoping to distribute them throughout the team but obviously it would be great if Dynamo simply understood they were there and loaded them up.


I have tried Definitions in projectdata, and also the nodes, Revit_2014 and the sub nodes folder in the Program Files, although obviously it would be nicer if there was a user or some place that won’t require excessive or administration privileges to access.


Hi Adam, the relative path of libraries will be saved to .dyn file. Could you please open your .dyn file with any text editor, check if “assembly” attribute of the corresponding Dynamo.Nodes.DSFunction element is correct.