Dynamo for General Contractor

Hello everyone!

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for the amazing job we’re doing! I’ve been in many communities, and this is absolutely amazing.

I’m not totally a newbie, but for sure I’m not a Pro (I want to become and help as much as I can!), so I’m asking you something.

Which nodes would you recommend for a general contractor, I mean, which nodes could be more useful not only for designing, but in order to retrieve and check data? (quantities, interference, phases, cobie etc)


Thank you so very much for all your support

I am at your disposal, best regards





Welcome Nicola, There are hundred’s of nodes that could be recommended to you. I would (politely) suggest that you focus in on one particular task at a time, and then ask specific questions if you need some help. You’re more likely to get more feedback and help this way :slight_smile:


I don’t know about the specific demands for contractors but there’s a great lecture from last years Autodesk conference called Dynamo for Contractors: Practical Applications with Dynamo for Revit for Contractors It might be a good place to start. Best of luck

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Hello there!! Thank you for your fast response!

I found some useful stuff on AU site, I’ve already seen those videos! There is another one from Mr. Marcello about Dynamo.

I will post possibilities that may be useful for everyone, either to study, or to apply. Nodes, questions etc.


Thank you again

See you soon