Dynamo file with secret key

i want code for .dyn file to do the following … just load the file to dynamo player and before running the file a textbox appear on the screen with message “enter the key to activate and complete run the file” showing his hard disk serial number and my contact information … the file can’t run before inserting activation key … the user will contact me to give him the activation key … the activation key will be serial number of his hard disk and multiply with 123456 … this numbers don’t change for this pc … and i can do this with anybody that take my .dyn file … also i want to run the .dyn only through the dynamo player and can’t run in normal dynamo


i need this to control for the persons that can access the file

You made that pretty clear before.

Why do you feel you need such control?

i teach revit to some student and i don’t want only my students use my dynamo file

In which case I’d recommend writing an add-in instead of a Dynamo graph. The intent with Dynamo is to keep things in the open and encourage tinkering and external parties interacting with your developed tools.

One option if you didn’t want to use an add-in would be to utilize zero touch nodes which incorporate some form of license check, but that isn’t an easy thing to build out…


To add to Jacob, your teaching shouldnt hinge off the script as much as it should the quality of your teaching. Anyone can go ‘here take some scripts and call me in the morning’, good quality teaching is more about the support and insight you impart beyond the scripts.