Dynamo Erase Create Object


Eeach time we use dynamo player my FL create are erase?

I am create FL from profile and each time we run script my old entities are erase.

Any Idea?


This is element binding, which is painful in civil 3D. There are several posts on the topic which you can use to review as a starting point, but effectively you need to clean them from your file and the DWG file to prevent them from causing issues, and there isn’t really a great way to circumvent them at the moment.

@davila.vanegas - for reference:

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You missed this one:

In the current release of Dynamo the binding is saved in the drawing AND in the graph. It is not only the binding that is persistant, the developers also persist in forcing the binding to us.

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Thanks All.

I the newone guys in the forum.

I going to read and try python to clear dictonary.

That trick does not work anymore, the binding data is now saved in the graph too.