Dynamo Elk Package

Hi all,

I have downloaded and tried the Elk package to create a topography using the GeoTiff from this website https://earthexplorer.usgs.gov/. Everything seemed to work well but when I compared the elevation of my Revit topo with Google Earth I’ve noticed completely different values.

Could anyone help please?


If it looks the way it is supposed to but the values seem wrong, it might be a unit conversion issue. I know a colleague of mine keeps having to convert to and from feet when developing Python scripts. He says it’s because Revit’s foundation is in feet and inches, and while internal conversion works just fine, that’s not always true for external scripts.

Dynamo version… cant remember changed to using project units. I still sometimes get (seemingly) random nodes calculating in feet so i just / by 304.8.

Although if it was a conversion issue your topo would be scaled evenly in xyz and not 1:1 just located incorrectly


I believe that you are both correct, Dynamo converts, Python needs to be told to convert… In Python this unit conversion happens automatically when you convert a Dynamo object to a Revit object.

Whether that helps @Chia_Ba I don’t know…

Hope that’s right!


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Thanks all for the replies! I suspected it was a conversion issue but I didn’t know I had to convert directly in Dynamo.

Anyway, the Z coordinates seem perfect now. I’m still struggling with the X,Y to set the right location in Revit, but I think you solved my problem!

Thanks again!

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You musty apply an X & Y shift to all values.

@Gcf_Design the problem is the file domain. The Elk node sets the domain to be between E/W -1.0002, 0.0002 and S/N 50.9998, 52.0001. If I set the origin coordinates of my Project Base Point (in the bottom left of my topo) to be E/W -1.0002, S/N 50.9998, the opposite point on the top right is not the value I have in the Elk domain.
Please find the images below to see what I meant.
(The values are in meters)

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