Dynamo Crashes When Clicking Node (Rectangle.ByWidthLength

Hello everyone,

I have quite a weird error in my script: whenever i click on the “expand data” button hanging under the Rectangle.ByWidthLength node, i get a fatal AutoCAD Error:

This happens to me on multiple AutoCad drawings.
Even when i try to recreate this problem in an empty drawing/ empty dynamo space, i get an error.

PS: After a rerun, i get another fatal error, just like the one from before.

I hope someone can help me! :slight_smile:

Hi, I got the same thing a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t find a solution to fix it, but I found a workaround…

I tried following this : http://blog.procad.ie/error-unhandled-exception-has-occurred-in-a-component-in-your-application-while-using-autocad

…but the error kept happening. What I realized after some time was that this was the only file where i had this error. I tried replicating in empty Dynamo files and it didn’t happen. So ultimately the error was happening because of a template file I was using to start scripting and which had a python node (I have no idea why). Once I got rid of that template file, no more error. So, maybe check if it is due to something in your Dynamo file ?

Anyway, I’ll be following this post to see if anyone comes up with a real solution

Hi @david_licona

for the second file, i created from the “New” button in the Home Screen, there is nothing more in my Dynamo file other than those 3 nodes.