Dynamo Construction Platform

Good morning.
I would like to know if you can please tell me how I could generate construction platforms through Dynamo, with which node I could work to start my routine, the idea is to generate cuts and fills automatically in a topography.

@ingjaidenrincon . hi

what do mean? are you still talking about your “beach”-project ? :slight_smile:
Can you share some stuff?



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Hello how are you, if I still continue with my coastal protection project, I already created my coastal protection in a parametric way, now what I want to generate is construction platforms at the bottom of my coastal protection to create cuts and fills of material as you can see in the cad image, this in order to extract quantities in an easier and more accurate way.

@ingjaidenrincon , so you want slaps (footing) according to your “Paseo” ?
It should taking the contur of the form