Dynamo Civil Draw parts in Profile Views

Hello everyone, I would like to share this topic with the forum, to get some suggestions about it. I think it might be interesting for other Civil3D users. My problem is related to the need to project several pipe networks in the profile view. You must first specify the workflow used. I received the survey of the as-built pipe network via 3d polylines, now I have rebuilt the alignments, profiles and profile views, then I have rebuilt the as-built pipe networks and I like to draw the parts in profile view.

Thanks you all

Hello, do you have any script you are working on and need help?

@n.rapetti @Drbohlav

FYI I’ve included some nodes in the Camber package for this.



@mzjensen this is really cool, with this, one could theoretically add parts to profile view that are within a certain offset from the alignment correct?


This looks very promising, thank you for posting. I am trying to get this working for my project but starting with a simple example. Right now, I am only getting the function to output a projection onto a single profile. Does this work with multiple profiles if they come from a list? Or is the function only meant to output one profile edit? If the former, how might I change my inputs to let dynamo know I want it to execute this function for every combination in the lists I am providing?

Hi @dforrestMJRCQ,

This is probably because of the list levels. See how the list of Profile Views is nested (lists within lists)? Either flatten the list of Profile Views using List.Flatten before plugging into Part.AddToProfileView or change the ‘profileView’ input on Part.AddToProfileView so that it applies to @L2.