Dynamo AI

Hello Everyone…!
I am interested in learning ML. Happy to see this Node “Dynamo AI” has any one here worked with it ?
Can any one suggest me with a link that can give a head start to it…?
I am also looking forward for tutorials regarding Machine learning and steps involved …!

This one…!

Try installing Lunchbox, it contains also ML

Optimo is also a great tool!


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@erfajo and @ricardoperucci thank for Responding…!

I am sorry I should have asked this as a separate post I messed it up this with the packages

I am actually looking for something where i can learn what is what in ML, for instance what is a data set,traning set what does the linear regression function do kind of stuffs…!!
do you have something thing that i can refer to learn these concepts…! I have researched on google but most of them use python 3 directly instead of any visual programming like dynamo…!
I am beginer with python and all I know in python is calling a command from Revit API (that too I manage to do somehow not so fluent with)…!

I think you should get some basic on ML applications outside the Visual Programming environment. AI is something far beyond what a “standard” user usually expects. I suggest you to learn some theory on the web, and then maybe try the lunchbox nodes. Optimo is not about AI, but GA.

I’m not sure if I can directly address you to some resources, but internet is really full of Machine Learning 101 courses. Google it :wink:


I understand now… I’ve started studying an online course about ML in python but as you said, it doesn’t use any visual programming.
Btw, if you find some material, please tell us! =)

Its really difficult to understand
Am I misunderstanding the functionality of this node…?

I think the more data you train results become more accurate.