Duplicate the materials of each type of wall

I am asking for your help today, because I have to write a dynamo script which would allow for each type of wall to replace its material. Replacing the material would consist of duplicating the material (identity and appearance) of each wall by adding the name of the type of wall as a suffix.

The name of the wall type: “Ext. Voile BA 20”
Name of material used for this type of wall: “Masonry - BA veil”

Expected result: Ext. “BA 20 Masonry Sail - BA Sail”

thank you in advance

Hi @oliviersardois6519,

Here is a start for your request :

P.S :The part with the appearance asset may not be necessary if you prefer to keep the original.

I would use Split.String and String.Concat / String.Join to get the wanted result from your 2 inputs. :slight_smile: