Draw a line or reference line on every level

Hello, I am trying to draw a line or reference line on every level in Dynamo and pushing it to revit so that I dont have to do it manually. This is because I have a very complicated duct riser system and I want to be able to see where the levels are visually without having to have the floors visible in revit. This is what I got so far but I am stuck. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Wouldn’t it be better to make a single reference plane that will be visible on all levels at once?

No because I want the lines to show me in 3D where the floors are. There are 20 floors. think of it looking at it from a section view. Except in 3D

Anybody have any suggestions on this?

Hi @mix
Line.ByStartPointEndPoint needs to be fed points, not just numbers.
you could build points using the elevation of the levels :

You can set the X and Y coordinates of your points at will to position your curves where you want