Door type parameter width

How can I get list of door width values from door instances?

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That’s pretty easy:


thx…but I can’t find Element.Type node…

That might be available in Dynamo 1.2.1 if I am not mistaken. Get the latest Dynamo.

I have latest dynamo …can you explain where can i find it?

See here:

It might be in a daily build. Anyways this is an alternative.


thx…now it work;)

Element.Type is a node from Konrad himself i think (Archi-lab_grimshaw):smile:

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In Revit there are Type parameters and Instance parameters. Type parameters are the same for all doors of that type. Instance parameters are different for each instance in the model.

If you want to get the value of a Type parameters you need to get the Type of door. See post above. If the parameter is an instance parameters you can just do as you are showing.

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