Doesn't read Lenght Parameter

Hi All,
i found some problems to work with “Element.Get ParameterValueByName”, seems that the Lengt Parameter value doesn’t be read by Parameter.ParameterByName, i don’t understand the problem.
Someone can help me?

Looks like it may be a spelling error. Should be Length instead of Lenght.

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very very stupid question :sweat_smile:, anyay thanks

Do you have any idea about material of the floors, i can’t find the parameter…

Don’t worry, it happens.

Use the Element.GetMaterials node for that one.

i need to put value of material parameter in a shared parametr, i don’t have any problem with some parameter as area and volume but i can’t find related parameter for material, wall thickness for example.
Thanks again

Here is a quick option to help figure out what parameters are available and their current values.

btw @paolo.campana
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