Document.SendCommand send text message to command window

any ideas how to send the “No IFC exported” text message to the command window with SendCommand? I have a feeling I have to take the python path :frowning:


The Arkance Systems Node Library has a node to write text tot the Command Line (without sending a command).


Yeah the Camber node is meant to execute command strings, but you’re looking to just print a message and not actually execute anything.


Well, yeah I tought it was something like this, but I’m looking for a way that has no warnings. I’m not sure if it is achievable without python :confused:

You could just branch to a different node depending on the condition, right? Run the Camber node if true, and run the Arkance node if false…

Thanks for the help, eventually I tried a different approach to avoid branching and minimize package usage, but I can’t get over an unusual error:

What am I missing?

Oh ok, I’m just plain stupid, it was a syntax error. Thanks for the advices anyway.