Do Revit Arcs need to be Converted to Dynamo Curves in order to be useful in Dynamo?

I attempted to harvest a curved portion of multiple slab edges from a Revit model so that I automate the placement of a three point adaptive component (which is a tapered railing-like element.) The building form tapers in plan…sort of like a cone. I used the “Select Edges” node and it gave me a list of Arcs. I thought it would be a simple matter to then use “Curve.Point.At.Parameter” node to place my adaptive component, but its choking and asking me for a “Curve” rather than an “Arc”. I’ve tried every node I can find related to these two things but can’t seem to crack the problem.

Most of the nodes are erroring out because you’re feeding in the wrong object type.

The Curve.PointAtParameter node is failing because you’re feeding a string instead of a double parameter. Try entering something like 0.5 without the quotes.


As @Dimitar_Venkov said, simply your input is wrong. Try this way and remember to use Cross Lacing for your Curve.PointAtParameter node.


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