Dividing complex mesh into cubes

I have a very complex mesh model created from a point cloud. I need to divide it into cubes basically voxellizing it I think would be the correct term. When dynamo deals with meshes like this it always treats it as hollow surfaces is this correct? My intention is to divide it into cubes that are solid. So 2 separate problems, any feedback or comments would be great. Thanks so much!!!


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VASA uses voxels, maybe there’s something there for you?

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@jkcamDSHML As Mark suggests, please give VASA a try. You can install it via the package manager. With VASA, you can convert your mesh into triangle data and then voxelize it. Then you can use the FillEnclosedRegions node to fill inside walls and columns, and maybe the surface operations to clean the voxel model.

We made a tutorial series on YouTube that might be helpful. The link below will take you to the segment on working with mesh objects. It is also possible to voxelize point cloud data directly without going through a mesh.

VASA for Dynamo: Comprehensive Guide - Part 4 (18:22) - YouTube



Great I will give it a try! Thanks so much ! I will post updates.