Divide area inside Plot Boundary

I’m working on code.The Main agenda is “I want to split the area(30m x30m=900m2)inside the plot boundary then place hatch pattern on that intersection points”

". I did some code but it’s not helping me to get output. I ll attache My code and images here…help me to solve this code…

I tries in surface method and solid splitting methods but it won’t work
Thanks in advance
P01-2021.dyn (90.9 KB)


Maybe this helps?



Thanks for Reply Mark.
I tried your code it’s working good…but its taking rectangle…I think my boundary bit rotated…can u find the below image for your reference…as you said there is issue with rotated surfaces,…I think my case is similar…can it resolve…


Attached .rvt file for your reference…


So the problem is that you are trying to automate something which has multiple valid solutions.

The image above looks like that patch has used the top edge to orientate the surface… That is a valid solution. If you don’t want it to do that, you need to code a set of rules about when to rotate the Isolines.

Perhaps you could take the vector of the longest curve? Or you could group the curves and take the longest total length? Then you could compare a vector of the curve to the vector of the isoline. I think Dynamo will probably always patch orthogonally to the view, maybe you can use that predictability?

Hope that helps,


Thankyou @Mark.Ackerley . Can u Share any reference for me?