Displaying BoundingBox of an element

How can I display a BoundingBox in Dynamo?
I am using this Code Block code but it doesn’t work.

Dynamo 2.6.1
Revit 2021.1.3

Thanks in advance

Hi @TaraPD …you could try " boundingbox to cuboiid



Thanks for your reply.
I am trying to avoid generating any geometry in my script, it is a huge project and geometries will make the process very slow. Unfortunalty the BoundingBox.ToCuboid , Element.Geometry, and BoundingBox.ByGeometry are not the best for my case…

Hm…yes good for creating boundingbox…

Then i think it will be difficult to show them…if dont wanna create cuboid…but think there are some custom nodes where you can get its curves

You can generate the cuboid but turn off the preview and get the curves from there
Not sure it will be less performance impactful though

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Yes @Daniel_Hurtubise true…it was actuelly an answer to @_Vijay before he edit his post…but anyway dont think its much better in perfomance