Hey guys, I’m trying to override my surface geometry based on the result I get from the surface area value. I’m using the IF node, so that when this area exceeds my desired value, geometry should turn red, and if not then green. The problem I have is that Display.BySurfaceGeometry node requires a Surface and a list of colors, which in this case my IF statement returns a single color and not a list of colors to feed in.


Working fine for me. I think your issue is actually that you’re feeding a list of colors instead of a color for each surface. Enable previews to confirm.


Here’s my screenshot. Still not working sir


I found another way around it though. Since I wanted this for Fractal, I kept the red one when area exceeds requirements, and for when the area is within the desired value, I fed the original surface in order to cause the error on the Display.BySurfaceGeometry node so it can display the actual Surface.ByLoft geometry. And is working fine for now :slight_smile: Here’s a screenshot of it