Disallow join in walls


whenever i disallow join. it just create this gap? how can I avoid this

Not only a gap but also an overlap.
It think you could keep an eye out on the volume parameter value.

Does it change?



wait are talking about the volume of wall? yes it does change

i want wall join like this

Give yourself some time to think

I think…the wall’s volume is calculated by wall center line times wall thickness times length times height
Now if you grab the line geometry in the wall’s element geometry with the Element.Geometry node, Extend those lines by half the Wall thickness you’re done?

yes i did it in dynamo. and i am getting the same gap.

using this

You typed sooner than i could answer, i edited my answer no6 meanwhile :slight_smile:

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I may sound stupid but how will I know on which side I should add half of the thickness? what if the wall is joined to another wall on one end only
is there any possible way to align these walls to the edges of wall in dynamo?

Dynamo geometry is not Revit geometry vv.
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Just how i felt, years ago

you are right but i am not able to find any solution…

Have you explained what you want in such a way that everybody can understand?
People with very sharp minds seem to forget that sometimes, they are way quicker than most.