Revit 2020

Previous incarnation of my script to get mesh into Revit, i.e. 2018 works a treat.

Came to 2020 today and some of the nodes from the original script required updating. I updated them and all nodes presented themselves correctly.

Therefore l ran the script as usual within 2020 and only the final node returned a warning ‘OPERATION FAILED’. Why could this be the case?

I can observe the mesh correctly within Dynamo, therefore l know at least that the import worked within Dynamo, yet the node from Dynamo to Revit is failing.

ANY THOUGHTS PEOPLE :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Gcf_Design,
I meet same problem with you,
and I try fixed this question by change Mesh.Scale_scaleFactor value(Default value is 1) to 12, it’s work now.
Hope can fix you problem.

This may not address the particular problem you have, but I wrote this post about preparing meshes to import into Revit. It is apt whether it’s done with Dynamo or my Addin.