Dimension Slab Edge to Nearest Grid Vertical & Horizontally

Good Day All -
I am very “green” to Dynamo, and I am trying to figure out how to create a script that will dimension from edge of slab to the nearest grid or nearest parallel slab edge like what is shown in the image below. I have looked up similar topics such as walls & grids, and tried to modify them to do what I would like but no luck. If anyone out there could assist me I would greatly appreciate it. It seems like 80% of my day is to dimension slab edges for my layout crew.

Thank you in advance

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Hi Brad,
After some thinking with my issue, I may have a solution to yours.
Do your slabs change often? If so, maybe this fix isn’t for you. The trick is to automatically place model lines at your slab edges with dynamo.
This can be done by intersecting a surface with your slab, or finding the perimeter lines of the top surface.
Once your lines are in place and you set up your perpendicular offset lines (those don’t need to be model curves), you can use the dimension by elements node to do the rest.
You would have to sort the horizontal model curves to one node and the verticals to another.