Dimension by elements choose dimension type

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I would like to dimension the gridlines with a certain type of dimension. At our company we use a few types.
This one adds dimensions to the gridlines, but it uses the type of dimensions that is used the last time dimensions were placed. Is it possible to choose the dimension type?

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use the node Dimension set type from clockwork package


Hi @JohanLeenaerts,

Another possibility is to use the Dimension ByReferences node which has an optional input for the dimension type.
Unlike the OOTB node, this custom node can also be used to dimension non based curved elements like families.



Hi Nico and Alban. Thank you very much for your feedback!!! I will try both solutions :smiley: :+1:

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I’m using the node “Dimension by references” but i dont understand what is the “line” input?
could u explain to me please

The line input is the location of the dimension like in the OOTB Dimension.ByElements node.

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I made a script last year during my thesis which dimensions the gridlines in crop regions. Was also wondering if I could choose a type of dimension so I used this method:

Keep in mind that the type of dimension you want should already exist in the project.
Hope it helps!


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