DGM geometry import doesn't work


i am trying to export/create a Sat file from a DWG which is a surface when you select it. The problem is that the object.geometry node returns null.

A workaround would be to create a solid within C3D from the DWG and then the script works.

But does anyone know how i get the geometry of the DWG into Dynamo?

Thank you.

Laurin :slight_smile:

What is the error? It would also help to have a sample dwg to reproduce.

The error:
Warnung:Object.get_Geometry fehlgeschlagen.
Not implemented.test.dwg (1.1 MB)

Since this is a TIN surface, it has its own category in Dynamo, so you can rebuild the Geometry yourself.

Since the TINSurface exists of alot of triangles, it might take a while
ExportTINSurfaceToSAT.dyn (9.4 KB)

BONUS: You can also create a Dynamo Mesh from the TINSurface. But you cannot export that to SAT, because a Mesh is not recognized as “geometry”. But in case you ever need it:TINSurfaceToMesh.dyn (23.6 KB)

It works to import the geometry into Dynamo and i can also create a SAT. But then when i want to create a generic model importing the SAT with Dynamo into Revit it fails. With the solid it’s working.

Here’s the .dyn file:
Revit Import SAT.dyn (38.3 KB)

Thanks :slight_smile: