Determine internal wall surface of corridor

I have seen few workflows for determination of internal walls in a closed object. Is there a way to determine internal wall surfaces of a corridor?

Assuming this is Revit based and there is a room defining the corridor, you could get the surfaces with that. Baring that, you could test the surface normal to see if it faces another element using a Ray bounce or element intersection.

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Sorry for the low level of detail, It is Revit based and the corridors are defined. I was trying to get the width of the corridors of non-rectangular shapes.

I used Ray bounce with walls, but doesn’t seem to be a successful method as I need to define directions for different walls.

The direction can be decided by the surface or face’s normal, something like Surface.NormalAtParameter, and you can use 0.5 for U and V to get from the center of the wall’s face.

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