Designscript Code

Hi Guys,
I need to draw some parallel lines in dynamo. Can I do this with “for loop” in imperative mode?

Try List.Cycle or see maybe here:

Might not need to use an imperative data set - remember Dynamo does list replication via lacing and list levels pretty easily.

Guys, Thanks for your fast replies.
But, the problem is that I have a function for drawing a single line. I want to replicate lines by using the function. Indeed, I want to reuse the function several times to draw parallel lines.
The problem gets worse when I want to use another function inside the first one.
Any ideas for this issue?

You would have to show us the graph for us to give you any ideas. It sounds like you could just make the inputs as a list to do multiple iterations of a function, but like I said, we have 0 information on what you are doing/have so we can only guess.