Dereference non-pointer

Hello Everyone,

I’m having problems with this issue called “Dereferencing a non-pointer.”

I select all categories in my project and then i obtain a list of all elements for those categories. I want to extract the “ID” and the “key note” of all element. Returns error for both two but for the first one i get the values, for the second one i have a empty list.

Can anyone help me, please?

Wat do the warnings tell you?

what does nota chiava mean? not key?

i think some elements don’t have that parameter

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Try this
remove empty list at the beginning

what package is collect elements?

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Warning: Internal error, report: cancellation of the reference to a non-pointer.

yes, “nota chiave” is key note. In the project this parameter is compiled

always the same error…

put in youre code block
2…5; see what happens

what package is collect elements?

You’re basically selecting every element by its category, so there are two issues I see with this agressive collection method when it comes to your desired output:

  1. Cleaning the list will certainly help.

  2. Confirm that every element type in each category has a keynote parameter to work with. I doubt the following element types have this parameter available: views including filters and templates, revisions, sheets, parameters themselves, project information, electrical loads, area separation lines, sketch lines, text, dimensions, keynotes themselves (yep you selected those too).

Instead I would recommend you select all elements (as you are is fine but a more controlled method may be in order), ask if the parameter exists, filter out elements which don’t have the parameter, and then get the values.

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For few element i have no error but i don’t understand why the “key note”(Nota chiave) is empty when in the project is compiled

it is the simply python code that i post in the picture :wink:

totaly agree

but the strange thing is that in mine graph i select a lot of categories too.
I get only a warning when at the beginning the list contains an empty list.
is the first list not a empty list then it works fine. even if the element doesn’t have that parameter

Thats why i dropped the first few empty list with the list.getitemattindex node

i mean the second node :wink:

oh sorry… it’s bakery package! :wink:

maybe the problem is that “key note” is a type parameter and not an instance parameter!

Problem solved! :wink:

Please expand on that node so others can see what the solution was.

Gives the node Element.Id in this graph also a warning or not?

no there is not error but the ID is refered to the type and not to the instance